What is that under the microscope…

January 22, 2007

Hello all of you out there in BLOG World.
Thank you for coming to my blog and finding out about me, what is happening in my corner of the world and what is floating around in this gray mass of mine.
Being a 60’s Chick…there is no telling
It could be anything from “give the chimps back their freedom” to my best recipe for Margaritas or my famous no cook fudge!
As well I welcome your comments and input.
So let me tell you’all a little about my self..that’s right I am Southern as you can tell by the word you’ all..that is it’s self could take up a couple of paragraphs.
How do you spell you all???
you’ll, you’all, ya’all…
…how do you say you’all???
Well some of my best smiles have been from listening to someone… not from the South, trying to say it.
Recently I had a vintage clothing store called The Twisted Sister…and I am a Milliner…what is that “some” of you might be asking yourself…well that means that I am a hat maker/designer…I also dabble in making jewelry, clothes costumes, shoes, purses…anything that can be made or sewn…I am there…so I am very creative.
I will warn you that I am not a typist or speller. Thank goodness for spell check..so please bear with me if I have typos or words that make no sense .
I went to grades 1-12 in Florida then to College in North Carolina and Florida.
I have had some fabulous jobs over the years. I am grateful that there are people out there in the business world who know a talented person when they meet one. So, I have a wealth of business knowledge stored up that I will share with you.
One thing that will be discussed here will be health. The reason being is that I am a Lupus survivor. It has changed MY world as I once know it and so I am constantly searching for answers to better health and wellness.
And I think that this subject is one that Baby Boomers are interested in. As a Baby Boomers, we all have come to the fact that we are no longer invincible. Well at least that is what I thought I was when I was younger…I was NEVER going to get old, I was always going to be in good shape and enjoy all types of music…not like my parents. Well, when
rap came out and I was horrified…oh my goodness, I am becoming my parents {they hated rock and roll…how could they!}.
But there are many things that I want to discuss on my site…the war…starting with Viet Nam. I am a “peace nik” but don’t get your panties in a wad…I have always been supportive of the men and women who have fought for our country. My Uncle was Ernie Pyle…some of you might know who he was. He was a war correspondent who wrote about the lives, trail and tribulations of soldiers. He gave his life to do this and I salute him. I salute all of you who have seen the horrors of war and survived it!
So there are a couple of subjects for you to bite your teeth into.
I hope to see and hear more from you.
I know you will from me…

Smiles and world peace.



January 22, 2007

For those of you who are looking for romance, here are some good sites for you to browse thru.


…good luck in romance, wealth, health, happiness and life…what else does one need? MAYBE someone to share all of that with?!?!?!

Smiles and world peace,

Hello world!

January 20, 2007

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